GAP Holidays

Most people have heard of fully guided holidays and Self-guided holidays because they have been in practice in Nepal for a long time. However, due to the global economic crisis, some travellers are looking for other ways to travel with more fun and lower costs. In an attempt to meet this demand, we also offer Service Support Holidays which we call GAP service holidays.

GAP means the Guide and Porter. In this case, the traveller chooses and pays for their own accommodation , meals, and travel costs and in addition the Porter and Guides Travel costs must also be met by the client. For more information about this option please don’t hesitate to chat with us.

Using the GAP plan you might choose an expert guide, or a basic guide who speaks enough English to understand, but has thorough knowledge about trails, or a porter who can help you to carry your luggage and also who has thorough knowledge of the trails, but speaks few words of English like yes, no, go, come, breakfast, lunch, dinner, room, hotel etc. Gap holidays offer a variety of different choices where you can take both a guide and a porter or simply book a guide, It is important that you chat with us so we can tailor the proposed trek to your needs.

It is all your choice subject to your individual budget. We ask that you think about using local people who are involved in registered trekking or local adventure travel agencies.