Innovative Travel

From the moment you connect with one of our travel specialists, be it over the phone, in person or by email, you are in good hands, and we assure that exciting things await you. We would worthwhile ourselves in creating experiences that will never be forgotten. Our trained travel professionals know exactly what extra elements can be added to your itinerary to give it that personalized touch while making the whole planning experience simple and easy for you.

We are supporting the customers to arrange their dream adventure holiday for since more than 25 years, opening up new horizons around the world and creating unforgettable memories. We believed that we are expert in helping to create unforgettable experiences for our customers; and every trip we offer is thought through carefully, ensuring that the element of adventure is there for you to enjoy. We can take you to some of the most awe-inspiring locations in Nepal and neighboring countries, and the rest is up to you — hike, cycle and trek whatever else you are into.

Attention to Detail:
Our teams of travel specialists have a wealth of firsthand experience when it comes to adventure. We offer myriad choices with unparalleled insights into the destinations we offer, allowing you to choose the perfect base to explore. From trips to Mt. Everest through Annapurna and Kanchenjunga mountains and other parts of the Himalayas in Nepal, we offer adventure holidays in neighboring South Asian destinations in India, Bhutan, and Tibet. By rigorously assessing your requirements, we are able to determine precisely what factors would make your custom-made trip perfect for you!

Our mountain and urban travel specialists have a vast knowledge of our destinations and trip itineraries and will incorporate those extra elements to make a special difference for your trip. Regardless you’re planning a far-flung winter expedition or if you yearn for long summer evening hikes, we’ve got every type of adventure trip for you. From our national parks and wildlife safaris in the southern region through deepest valleys of the world between the mountain passes and Mount Everest expeditions, you will be given an opportunity to craft your trips from a wide swath of choices. We are delighted to taking you to these wonderful locations in a responsible way and our holidays are all aligned with sustainable tourism goals.