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Welcome to Jagadamba Holidays, where your next adventure begins! We specialize in offering trekking, hiking, tours, and mountaineering expeditions to help you explore and conquer your dream destinations.

Terms and Conditions

Jagadamba Holidays Private Limited has the following terms and conditions for booking package holidays.


Your holiday contract is established with Jagadamba Holidays Private Limited, a registered Private Limited Travel Company of Nepal and a member of the Department of Tourism of Nepal. This contract forms a legally binding agreement between you (the Customer) and Jagadamba Holidays Private Limited. By booking with us, you confirm that you have thoroughly reviewed and understood the terms and conditions outlined in your Holiday Trip/Tour itinerary notes and all essential information provided. It is essential that the information you provide during the booking process is accurate and complete. In the rare event of a dispute that cannot be resolved through normal communication, both parties agree to address any legal issues or disputes arising during the trip according to the terms and conditions specified in the booking agreement. This agreement is subject to and governed by Nepalese law, falling under the jurisdiction of the Nepalese government.


There is no age limit for traveling with Jagadamba Holidays, and children and minors must be accompanied by their own parents, relatives, or an authorized legal guardian. According to the law, individuals under the age of eighteen are not eligible to sign the contract with us, hence travelers in this age group must be accompanied by a legal guardian. If you have any questions regarding age requirements or suitability for our trips, please feel free to contact us for more information.


a) Inclusions and Exclusions:   

Each of our travel packages clearly outlines what is included and excluded. At Jagadamba Holidays, we are committed to delivering exceptional service for your travel and holidays by taking care of transportation, guides/porters (as specified in the itinerary), accommodations, meals, and various other amenities as detailed in our trip packages. Exclusions typically refer to personal extras or additional items you may require, such as beverages (alcoholic and non-alcoholic), snacks, travel souvenirs, and similar items.

b) Accommodation and Foods: 

Jagadamba Holidays offers fixed package prices on a per person basis. Accordingly, our tours, trekking/holiday packages, and accommodations (including hotel rooms, guest houses, lodges, teahouses, or tents) are organized based on group size, solo travelers, or duos, as specified in our contract terms. Additionally, our packages include meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) as detailed on our website. Hotel surcharges, such as service charges and VAT taxes, are already incorporated into the tour price.

c) Other Services:         

Jagadamba Holidays provides comprehensive holiday packages that encompass all essential details outlined in the itineraries. This includes transfers, holiday guides, luggage-carrying porters, domestic flights, trekking or climbing permits, TIMS (Trekker's Information Management System) cards, and any other required entry permits.


a) Advance Booking: 

We always recommend advance booking of your tour or trip to customers, as it secures your spot and allows ample time for planning, reducing confusion, and addressing any queries before your tour, trek, or holiday begins. At Jagadamba Holidays, we accept bookings up to a year in advance, giving customers the freedom and flexibility to plan and research their desired tours or treks with peace of mind. Our advance booking system accommodates any travel package itinerary or activities you wish to explore, including trekking, mountaineering, cultural tours, day tours, and other similar adventures and tour programs. This ensures that all your desired experiences can be arranged seamlessly through our booking process.

b) Mainstream Booking:          

Jagadamba Holidays offers Mainstream booking, which is a standard option for customers planning holidays with relatively short notice. A booking becomes confirmed only upon receipt of a confirmation invoice or email from the Company.

c) Late Bookings:         

Jagadamba Holidays Private Limited is prepared to accept last-minute bookings if the customer is ready to embark on their holiday at short notice and has made all required payments in cleared funds as per our contract. For trips departing within 3 days, provided all payments are settled, we welcome these bookings.

For last-minute bookings to Tibet, Bhutan, and India, we require customers to submit necessary documents and full payment at least 28 days before the trip departure date to facilitate the booking process.


Bookings can be made through our website or affiliated third-party websites. All package prices displayed on our website are quoted in US dollars and are based on airline, hotel, safari, and tour policies, as well as governmental fees, schedules, and operational conditions at the time of the last website update. The availability of packages on the website is limited, and prices may vary at the time of purchase. The website reflects the most current prices per person and is subject to minimum participant requirements. If the minimum number of participants is not met by the payment date, a small group surcharge may be applied to ensure the trip's operation.

Jagadamba Holidays endeavors to avoid price increases; however, circumstances beyond our control may necessitate adjustments. The company reserves the right to modify the prices of any holidays featured on its website or brochure. Current prices for the desired holiday will be communicated to the Customer before their reservation is confirmed. Price adjustments may occur due to increases in ground operator services, fluctuations in exchange rates, higher fuel costs, airfares, airport charges, or the need to engage alternative air or ground operators. Any price increases must be settled before the departure date.

For group travel, please note that no discounts will be provided for unused services.


a) Advance Payment (Non-Refundable deposit):      

If your trip includes internal air tickets, it may be necessary to issue these tickets within the airline's specified deadline. In such cases, we may ask you to pay for the airfare along with the tour deposit. Once we receive your payment deposit, we will proceed to book domestic air tickets and hotels, and we will provide you with confirmation within a week.

If certain internal airfares require immediate purchase, we will request that you wire the payment promptly. Additionally, some hotels and suppliers may require a non-refundable deposit to secure the booking, which we will ask you to include in the second payment if necessary.

b) Final Payment:       

Payments for trips to Nepal should be settled upon arrival in Kathmandu, either in cash (US dollars) or in Nepali rupees exchanged locally. For trips to India, Tibet, and Bhutan, the full and final payment must be made via bank transfer at least 30 days before the trip departure. If your trip includes internal air or train tickets, we may request the ticket cost along with a booking deposit to secure the lowest fare.

Please note that credit card payments will incur an additional 4% fee. Payments must be made from the traveler's own account, and while we generally accept various forms of payment, we reserve the right to decline certain payment methods.

c) Payment Methods:   

To book a trip in advance, you are required to make a non-refundable deposit or pay the balance using various payment methods such as Credit Card (Visa or Mastercard), bank transfer, Western Union money transfer, or Nepal online payment platforms like eSewa and Khalti.

Trip booking necessitates a non-refundable advance deposit as partial payment for the trip. This deposit can be made via bank swift transfer, Western Union money transfer, Credit Card (Visa or Mastercard), International Money Express (IME), or cash (US dollars or Euros, etc.). Nepalese nationals or Non-Resident Nepalese (NRN) can utilize online payment services like eSewa, Khalti, e-banking, IME Pay, or other similar platforms for payments.

I) Payment by Credit Card (Master or Visa Card Only):

Please fill out the required details in the form, including your credit card information and signature (matching the signature on your Credit Card). You can download the Credit Card Payment Form by clicking here and complete it with the provided information. Once completed, please email the filled form to Jagadamba Holidays Private Limited. Your credit card will be charged by Alpine Travel Service (Credit Card Division) on behalf of Jagadamba Holidays Private Limited.

Important Note: Please do not send the form details directly to Alpine Travel Service, Kathmandu. Instead, send the filled form to Jagadamba Holidays Private Limited. Additionally, include a clear color copy of your passport or photo ID with the submission. Please note that a 4% additional charge will apply when making payments via credit card.

II) Payment through Banks – Swift Transfer: US Dollar Transfer

a) Here are our Bank’s  US Dollar swift transfer details:
Name of Beneficiary : Jagadamba Holidays Pvt. Ltd.
Address of Beneficiary : Chaksibari Marg, Saat Ghumti, Thamel, Kathmandu 44600
Name of Bank :  Everest Bank Limited
Address of Bank : Thamel Branch, A-One Business Complex, Thamel, Kathmandu 44600, Nepal.
Account Number (USD A/C) : 03500 10520 1064
Swift Code : EVBLNPKA
b) Here are our Bank’s  US Dollar swift transfer details:
Name of Beneficiary : Jagadamba Holidays Pvt. Ltd.
Address of Beneficiary : Chaksibari Marg, Saat Ghumti, Thamel, Kathmandu 44600
Name of Bank :  Everest Bank Limited
Address of Bank : Thamel Branch, A-One Business Complex, Thamel, Kathmandu 44600, Nepal.
Account Number (Euro A/C) : 03500 10520 1065
Swift Code : EVBLNPKA

Please be aware that we cannot be held liable for any delays or losses incurred during the transfer process, as this is subject to bank policies. In the event that the amount received by us is less than the amount sent due to fluctuations in bank rates or other reasons, we kindly request that you settle the difference upon arrival to ensure the total matches the trip cost.

After initiating the transfer, please email us the bank reference number or a copy of the remittance slips you receive. Sometimes, banks may use different names when forwarding payments, so having the reference number or remittance details will facilitate our verification process with the bank.

III) Payment through Western Union or International Money Express (IME): 

Customers can pay trip costs through the Western Union or IME in the name of Jagadamba Holidays’ founder or CEO as per provided information through eMail or WhatsApp.

Please send us an email with a clear scan copy of the transfer payment slip with its control number. When the customer is making his or her trip booking with the company which is implied and accepted the customer has read and understood all these trip booking terms and conditions and agree to abide by it.


In case of any failure to complete your trip, or join your group tour, or continue your solo trip, for whatever reason, we are not liable for any refunds for any meals, accommodation, or any service not used during the tour. Furthermore, if you commit any unlawful act during your trip, and are deported from Nepal because of an illegal and unlawful act, we are also not liable for any kind of refunds.


a) With Jagadamba holidays to make AMENDMENTS to your trip arrangements, you must notify Jagadamba Holidays Private Limited or your Agent in writing. Each amendment to your trip arrangements will incur a USD$ 100 administration fee and you will be liable for any increase in operational expenses occasioned by the amendment.

b) If you wish to TRANSFER from one trip to another, you must notify your Jagadamba Holidays Private Limited or your Agent in writing after which the transfer will take effect subject to the following and transfers may only be made to another trip to commence within 3 months of your original departure date and the following transfer charges will apply:

I) If your notice is received more than 60 days prior to your original departure date, a USD$100 transfer fee will apply.

II) In addition, any increase in airfares or operational services or extra permit/deposit penalties will apply, or 

III) If your notice is received within 59-28 days prior to your original departure date, 25% of your original trip price will be forfeited, or if less than 28 days prior 50% of your trip price will be forfeited.

Note that, any transfer from one trip to another is subject to availability and the agreement of Jagadamba Holidays Private Limited or your Agent, however, the transfer of a trip from one person to another is not permitted.


a) Holiday Cancellations by the Customers:

If you wish to cancel your trip, you must notify Jagadamba Holidays Private Limited or your Agent in writing where after the trip cancellation will take effect subject to the following conditions:

I) If cancellation takes place more than 35 days prior to your departure date your registration fee (Advance payment) shall be forfeited.

II) If cancellation takes place between 28 days prior to your departure date 40% of the trip price will be forfeited.

III) If cancellation takes place between 21 days prior to your departure date 60% of the trip price will be forfeited.

IV) If cancellation takes place between 14 days prior to your departure date 80% of the trip price will be forfeited.

V) If cancellation takes place less than 7 days prior to your departure date 100% of the trip price will be forfeited.

If you do not show up at the meeting point specified on the agreed date, we will assume you have been delayed and will wait for you to contact us with your new expected arrival date. If you do not contact us within 24 hours, we will assume you have canceled the tour. There is no refund of any money paid. The trip price is quoted as a package and no partial refunds or credit will not be given in for any services not used.   

b) Holiday Cancellations by the Company:

1) The holiday will not be canceled unless we are forced to do so because of unusual or unforeseen circumstances, such as a major pandemic, natural disaster or war. If we cancel the tour we will promptly refund all payments made to us including the deposit (less the unrecoverable costs such as air tickets cancellation). We shall not be liable to refund any additional expenses that you may have incurred (such as insurance, visas, vaccinations, and other surplus costs).          

2) Jagadamba holidays reserves the right to cancel any trip, if Jagadamba cancels your trip departure, we will refund your overall payments, or if you want to change your trip destinations you are more than entitled to take an alternative trip of the same value.

3) Jagadamba Holidays Private Limited reserves the right to nominate a small group surcharge where a trip has not reached minimum numbers or to cancel the trip. In case of trip cancellation, you will be given a full refund of the trip price. You will not be entitled to claim any additional amounts or seek any compensation for any injury, loss, expenses or damage or for any loss of time or inconvenience which may result from such cancellation (including but not limited to visa, passport and vaccination charges, gear purchases or non-refundable flights and taxes).

4) Jagadamba Holidays Private Limited reserves the right to do the following when Route changes, Postponement, Cancellation, or Delay:

I) Cancel or modify any routes within the trip or objectives set out in the itinerary; or

II) Substitute different or equivalent routes within the trip in place of canceled or modified route, or      

III) Postpone, cancel or delay (either in relation to the departure or arrival times or the duration of the trip) any such aspect of the trip if, in the absolute discretion of Jagadamba Holidays Private Limited, it is necessary to do so due to inclement weather, snow or icy conditions or circumstances that are otherwise likely to be hazardous or dangerous or due to any other adverse or threatening conditions whether political or military or terrorist or otherwise or if, in the absolute discretion of Jagadamba Holidays Private Limited, there is a likelihood of any such event occurring which may impact upon the safety of the participants, or if an act or omission of a third party prevents the trip or the aspect of the trip being undertaken in accordance with your booking or for any other reason considered necessary by Jagadamba Holidays Private Limited, In the event of any change, modification, cancellation, postponement or delay under this condition, you acknowledge that you will have no right of refund of the trip price (whether in whole or in part) and no right to claim compensation for any injury, loss or damage or other additional expenses incurred by virtue of the change, modification, cancellation or delay.       

Jagadamba Holidays Private Limited also reserves, in its absolute discretion, the right to cancel any trip due to any government travel warning or advice, or any change in such warning or advice. In this event, cancellation conditions apply as if you had transferred or canceled the trip at the date that Jagadamba Holidays Private Limited canceled the trip due to the governmental travel warning or advice. Travel insurance may compensate you depending on the circumstances.     

5) The holiday Itinerary information sheets and the dossier give information and conditions relating to the holiday and are deemed to be part of the contract and so you should be fully aware of their contents. However, the holiday itinerary is an indication of what the group should accomplish, but not a contractual obligation- Changes may be made because of exceptional weather, flight cancellations, sickness, or other unforeseeable circumstances- No refunds are given for unused services or unrealized dreams. We do give sympathy though. All information and advice provided (vaccinations, climate, trekking equipment, visas, etc.) are given in good faith but we do not take any responsibility for it.


I) Valid passport is needed with a minimum validity of 6 months from the return date required for our all-travel destinations. We do not accept any responsibility if you cannot travel because you have not complied with any passport, visa or immigration requirements.

II) The Nepal visa can be obtained from the Nepalese Consulate in your country or also you can get it upon your arrival at Kathmandu Airport. Nepal visa fees are the sole responsibility of the customer and you can fill in the Nepal tourist visa form online which is written on the official website of Department of Immigration of Nepal.

III) As you know, there is no on arrival visa facility for Indian visas; therefore, the client will have to acquire a visa from their own home country. Indian visa and visa fees are the sole responsibility of the customer. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are in possession of the correct visas for the countries you are traveling to. Jagadamba Holidays Private Limited cannot accept responsibility if you are refused entry to a country or place because you lack the correct visa documentation.

IV) In some cases, full and correct passport information is required when a booking is submitted to us in order that we can obtain necessary tickets, permits and visas on your behalf. If you do not supply the appropriate and correct information when requested, we will not be able to make the necessary bookings on your behalf and cannot be held responsible.

V) Besides that, as you know, customers could not obtain visas to Bhutan and Tibet directly, therefore Bhutan as well as Tibet travel permit and entry visa will be managed by Jagadamba Holidays and this cost is all included in the trip price. To process visa and travel permit to Tibet and Bhutan, we need a clear color scanned copy of a valid passport with a minimum validity of 6 months from the return date.              


Please note that mountain weather is unpredictable. Bad weather in mountain regions can cause domestic flight delays. The airline tickets shall when issued, constitute the sole contract between the passenger and the airline. The airline is not to be held responsible for any act, omission or event, when passengers are not on board its aircraft. All airlines demand to show a valid Photo ID while you are checking in at the airport with an e-ticket, although your ID name must match with the name of the passenger written on the ticket.

Generally, due to bad weather conditions and poor visibility, flight delays or flight cancellation are more likely to happen in all mountain sector flights. In such a case, we are not liable for any extra expenses or inconveniences. Since the weather of the mountain region is quite unpredictable, we suggest you manage a minimum of 3 or 4 extra days as a part of your holiday (especially Lukla, Jomsom, Dolpo and Simikot airport) so that you can easily catch your international flight. However, if you wish to make alternative arrangements such as a Helicopter flight to avoid flight delays, all additional costs would be your responsibility. Moreover, Jagadamba Holidays Private Limited does not accept any responsibility for costs incurred as a result of missed international flight but would assist to make alternative arrangements wherever possible. Please also note that while on the field, we may have to make some changes in the itinerary due to unforeseen circumstances. Further, we suggest you bring some extra cash to prepare for unforeseen circumstances.


Booking with us and accepting our terms signify your agreement to abide by the authority of the guide (Trekking or Climbing or Cultural tour), who represents Jagadamba Holidays Private Limited. The decision of the guide as to the conduct, itinerary, and objectives of the holiday tour is final. If in the opinion of the guide, your behavior or physical condition is detrimental to the safety, welfare, and well-being of the group as a whole (which are the paramount considerations), or if the guide considers your general wellbeing will be put at risk by continuing with the holiday, you may be asked to leave the tour without the right to any refund for unused services.


All holidays offered by Jagadamba Holidays require good health and fitness; Therefore, we suggest that you check with your doctor about your health condition and physical fitness before traveling. Trips take place in remote areas where there is little or no access to normal medical services or hospital facilities for serious problems. Evacuation, where necessary, can be prolonged, difficult and expensive. The Company must be notified in writing at the time of booking of any medical conditions, physically challenged conditions or any other mental and or physical condition which may affect fitness to travel and or any medical condition. Failure to notify the company may result in the client being refused travel. Failure to notify the company of any such condition that results in cancellation will result in 100% cancellation fees to the client. Some trips may be unsuitable for clients due to age, mobility, pregnancy or physical or mental conditions. It is the client’s responsibility to check prior to booking. The company is not required to provide any special facilities unless it has agreed to do so in writing. The company will do its best to meet client’s special requests including dietary, but such requests do not form part of the contract and therefore the company is not liable for not providing these requests. Medical facilities vary from country to country and the company makes no representations and gives no warranties in relation to the standard of such treatment. Medical and evacuation expenses will be your responsibility but insurance may cover you depending on the circumstances. Jagadamba Holidays Private Limited reserves the right in its absolute discretion to refuse a participant the right to participate on a trip.


Jagadamba Holidays Private Limited offered holiday trip costs that do not include your personal travel insurance. Therefore, to take part in one of our offered holidays you must be covered by adequate insurance for the complete duration of your holiday package because having travel and cancellation insurance is compulsory for all customers while traveling with us. The company reserves the right to cancel or suspend your participation on a trip or in certain activities that comprise part of a trip, at any time, including after the commencement of your trip, with no right of refund claim, if you are unable to provide proof of insurance when requested. Thus, you must ensure that your personal travel insurance covers all of the activities you expect to participate in. The travel and cancellation insurance must cover weather delays, personal injury, death, medical expenses, repatriation expenses, helicopter rescue, air ambulance, trip cancellations, natural disasters, theft and loss of baggage, loss of gears, and damage of equipment, etc. There is always an amount of risk when you travel to Nepal for your mountainous holidays if in the event of an emergency medical rescue or evacuation from a holiday, any expenses the payment responsibility will lie with the customer. You are always advised to check the limitations of your insurance policy in this respect.


You acknowledge and agree that by the very nature of adventure travel and trekking holidays, they are more challenging and demanding with a commensurately higher level of risk compared with conventional holidays, and involve potential exposure to injury and possibly death. Although, the enjoyment and excitement of adventure travel is derived in part from the inherent dangers and risks associated with adventure travel and that those inherent dangers and risks are a reason why you wish to undertake the adventure trip. Jagadamba Holidays Private Limited would not be liable for any injury/health conditions/emotional or other conditions suffered by the client during the trip. Similarly, our package holiday cost does not include any type of personal insurance of any customer. Hence, we advise the clients to take adequate insurance packages, including medical emergencies and evacuation by Helicopter.        


I) Booking is accepted on the understanding that you realize and accept the risks and hazards potentially involved in adventure holidays and that you are mentally and physically capable of undertaking your chosen trip. You should be physically and mentally fit when trekking in high altitude regions, therefore, we suggest you undergo a medical examination with a general physician regarding your health and fitness before traveling with us.

II) You must notify us at the time of trip booking if you have an existing medical condition or disability because it might affect your holiday or other group members’ enjoyment. Further, we reserve the right to remove such customers from the tour at their own expense and we will not be liable for the refund of the tour payment. If you are unable or choose not to complete an itinerary outlined for a holiday, Jagadamba Holidays is not liable to supply alternative itineraries, excursions, accommodations, services, or staff for the period when the customer is not present with the group.

III) Trip members are responsible for preparing for the trip in accordance with the itinerary and pre-departure information as mentioned on trip notes and for bringing the appropriate clothing and equipment as we advised therein. Trip members are expected to treat each other and staff respectfully and equally, regardless of gender, race, religion, culture, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, or nationality. Drinking and smoking while the onboard tour or traveling on the vehicle is strictly prohibited. Therefore, if in our reasonable opinion, your chosen holiday is not suitable for you or you are not fit for such a trip, then we reserve the right to refuse or cancel without prior notice of your booking.

IV) A trip booking with us does not guarantee visa and travel permits. For some countries, as a tour operator, we have to apply for your visa and travel permits but we do not guarantee we can get them. We will not be held liable if your visa or travel permits are denied. It’s your responsibility to determine your eligibility for travel to the country you have booked a trip for. If you are a journalist, security force personnel, government official, or diplomat, please indicate that in the trip registration form.

V) We will be liable for the negligence of our office employees or guides while they are involving their work to serve the customers. Other than that, the Jagadamba Holidays will not be liable for any failures that occur in the performance of the travel arrangements, but, where a traveler is in difficulty on the trip, we and our representatives will render appropriate assistance without undue delay.


I) All our tours to Nepal, India, Bhutan, and Tibet are conducted in accordance with the rules and regulations of the respective country’s tourism board or department of tourism. We are committed to providing the best services which will give you a once in a lifetime journey in this connection, we perform our duties honestly and seriously to make your journey very smooth, and pleasant.

II) Trip participant acknowledges that the nature of tours may involve a significant amount of risk to his or her health and safety. The trip participant hereby assumes all such risk and does hereby release Jagadamba Holidays, its local suppliers, travel representative, and guides from all claims and causes of action arising from any damages or injuries or death resulting from these risks inherent in travel, visiting foreign destinations, and participating in adventurous activities such as those included in our tour itineraries.

III) Jagadamba Holidays will not be responsible for any amendment in the tour itineraries due to unforeseen circumstances that are beyond our control. For example, last-minute changes in government rules, local politics, governmental restriction, bad weather, illness condition of customer or traveler, sudden death, road blockage, flight delays or cancellation, pandemic, natural disaster (earthquake, landslide, flood, snowfall, avalanche, etc.) and any other things beyond our control. Any additional cost incurred by such an event will be borne by the customer. If you travel with us, we recommend you do have travel insurance while traveling in Nepal.

IV) Reasonable changes in the itinerary may be made where deemed advisable for the comfort and wellbeing of the passengers. The right is reserved to substitute hotels, alter the itinerary, and reverse the order of places to be visited. We reserve the right to change the terms and conditions of the tour at any time. On advancement of deposit to Jagadamba Holidays customers agree to be bound by the above-recited terms and conditions.


I) By signing these terms and conditions you certify that your video or Photo (single or group) may be used without charge by The Jagadamba Holidays Private Limited for promotional purposes including but not limited to the website, brochures, printed promotional items and promotional presentations, unless you notify us in writing that you do not wish to have your image to be used for these purposes.

II) A party will not be deemed to have waived any of its rights or remedies under these conditions or at   law by allowing any time or indulgence or by not exercising any right or remedy arising out of any default by the other party.

III) If any part of a condition is illegal, unenforceable or invalid, it is to be treated as removed from the conditions; however, the remainders of the conditions are not altered.

IV) The Company reserves the right to update and amend these terms and conditions at any time. It is the responsibility of the customer to keep updated with any changes. The current version of terms and conditions will always be found on the website and will be the terms referred to in any dispute.

V) Jagadamba Holidays private Limited is re-inventing tourism for the benefit of local people, tourists, environment and the tourism industry at large. We actively encourage all our clients to follow the holiday rules and regulations. We expect that you will adhere to Companies policy and guidelines while traveling with us.


Your privacy is very important to us; therefore, we sincerely protect the privacy, and all the information provided by you will be treated in a highly needful manner. We collect personally identifiable information, like names, postal addresses, a clear color scan copy of passport, email addresses, the credit card information that is required for your tour reservation process. We do not sell or trade your personal information with any other third parties other than our authorized agents, suppliers or subsidiaries, or government authorities who are involved in your travel reservation process and obtaining permits or visas for your travel.


If during the course of your trip you have a problem, please bring this to the immediate attention of the trip guide or relevant supplier (e.g., Transport provider, hotelier). If your complaint is not resolved to your satisfaction, please contact your Jagadamba Holidays Private Limited consultant by email or phone and they will endeavor to assist you. You may not wait to complete the trip to talk about the complaints. If you are not satisfied and feel not resolved yet, please inform us in writing within a day time of your return from trekking by writing to our Operations Department at Jagadamba Holidays Private Limited office. Please keep your letter concise and to the point in order for us to quickly identify your concerns; and liaise with the relevant parties to respond to you as soon as possible. We shall try to agree on a settlement; this process shall be governed by the laws of Nepal.


Jagadamba Holidays Private Limited main office is located in Kathmandu, Nepal. This agreement and the rights and obligations of the parties of terms and conditions will be construed and take effect in accordance with and be governed by the laws of the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal. Therefore, any dispute arising out of these terms and conditions shall be resolved exclusively by the District Court, Appellate Court, and Supreme Court that are located in Kathmandu of Nepal. There is no case in a foreign country, and the parties agree that the court of Nepal is the appropriate medium for any claim or proceeding commenced in relation to these terms and conditions and you agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of those courts and further agree that they are a convenient forum for you.

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